Olpopongi Maasai - Cultural Village & Museum

Terms & Notes

General Terms & Cancellation policy:

1) All bookings must be arranged with our booking office via phone, email or fax. Confirmations & invoices must be checked immediately by the customer to avoid errors on booked dates or rates.

Errors on booking dates or -rates will only be accepted within 48 hours after the issue of booking confirmation or invoice.

2) All listed prices are Tour Operator net prices including 18% VAT. Retail Specials are consumer packages for guests only. Tour Operators will receive a 15% Discount or Commission on those rates.

3) All bookings must be paid in advance prior tour date to our bank accounts listed on the invoice.

Not paid bookings have no right to enter the Village or starting the tour.

4) Cancellations are accepted until 7 working days before the arrival/tour date with full refund of funds.

Customers or Tour Operators who cancel reservations later than 7 days before arrival/tour will take full responsibility and liability for payment.

Important customer notes for Wildlife walk & accommodation:

1) Please start your Maasai-Tour with appropriate shoes & clothes, as you’re going to enter the African bush. Snakes, Scorpions or other local poison-insects may be hidden in the dust anywhere. It’s unlikely that those animals or insects will attack you, but the risk is always there! High shoes and long trousers are thereof highly recommended.

A proper sun protection is another MUST during your stay to avoid sunburn.

2) Overnight guests are requested to bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping mats for the best available comfort. Nevertheless blankets, pillows, mats & sleeping bags are also available at the village on special request.

3) Hygienic European style toilets, washrooms & showers are available for your comfort - But please help us to save water! Keep in mind that WATER is a very valuable & rare resource in the African bush.  

4) Smoking and open fires are not allowed in buildings & houses in and around Olpopongi-Village.

5) The stay & movement in and around "Olpopongi Village" are at your own risk and responsibility. It is not allowed to leave the village area after sunset. Wild animals, local insects, natural plants & herbs or unexpected water pollution might be risk for your health and requires your full attention. You’re requested to follow the instructions of your guide any time.

6) The Olpopongi management does not take any responsibility (including missing or lost valuables) and won’t accept any liabilities for damages or accidents. If you don’t agree on those terms, we’re happy to accept your Cancellation of the booking before starting the program.

The Management of Olpopongi