Olpopongi Maasai - Cultural Village & Museum


Das Olpopongi Team

The Team of Olpopongi Cultural Maasai Village consists of 15 employed Maasai people at the Village and 3 additional staff at the Moshi booking office. More than 100 Maasai from the nearby villages joining Olpopongi activities frequently.

Kimani Mollel (Chief Guide)

Kimani was born in 1984 in a Boma just 500 meters from Olpopongi Maasai Village. He has 3 sisters and 5 brothers. Most of them follow important positions and responsibilities in the Longido district Maasai community.

Kimani has the position of a Chief Guide and Village Co-Manager since the opening of Olpopongi back in 2008. He has studied at Longido Primary school for primary level and joined secondary level in Kenya. After „O“ level, he has attended a Wildlife & Tourism college for 2 years. He has an enormous knowledge on Maasai culture & history.

Languages spoken: Maa, Kiswahili, English, Spanish and some German.


Freddy Oyoho Peria (Guide)

Freddy was born in 1986 at Tinga Tinga Village, married, and is working as a guide at Olpopongi since 2008. Next to the guiding, he is mostly used as our „model“ on brochures and flyers. He has 4 sisters and 3 brothers, while his father has 26 kids in total.

Our guests like Freddy cause if his charming character and the great knowledge about the Maasai culture. His father is a Maasai chief and keeps cattle’s.

He has schooled at Tinga Tinga Primary school and later the secondary school at Arusha. After reaching „O“ level he continued 1 year of „A“ level and later joined the Arusha Tourism College.

Languages spoken:  Maa, Kiswahili, English and some German.


Kisika Lekaneti (Guide)

Kisika was born 1982 in a Boma close to Olpopongi. He is married and has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. All are working in the Maasai community, while the men mainly driving cattle to nourish their families.

He received Primary education at Tinga Tinga primary school and increased his education at the Arusha Wildlife College.

Kisika is a charming, funny and well educated guide in our team.

Languages spoken:  Maa, Kiswahili and English


Isaya Selenga Mlay (F&B manager) - links

Isaya was born 1984 in Moshi and a well-known chef by profession & passion. He has school for primary education in Moshi and received secondary education in Nairobi/Kenya. Isaya is working at Olpopongi since 2008 as the F&B manager & main chef. He is the link between Moshi office and the Maasai Village. His food is well-known since many years and highly recommended in our guest comment books.

Languages spoken: Kiswahili and English

Rasul Abrahim (Cook) - rechts

Rasul was born in 1987 and is working at Olpopongi since 2008 as a cook.
He has reached secondary education and is a certified cook.

Rasul and Isaya are dedicated cooks creating amazing meals in the bush.

Languages spoken:  Kiswahili and English


Isaya & Rasul

Tom Kunkler (Director & founder)

Tom is born 1965 in Bad Kreuznach/Germany and lives in Tanzania since 2006.
He is the founder and creative mind of the Olpopongi Maasai Village. Since many years he is very close to the Maasai tribe and runs different businesses related to the tourism industry in Moshi/Kilimanjaro.

Tom is married, has 2 kids and is supporting the Maasai Team to run Olpopongi as a successful project to support the local Maasai community.

Languages spoken:  German, English and a bit of Kiswahili

Tom Kunkler